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Glycerine products manufactured by Spiga Nord S.p.A.

Abbey Chemicals is pleased to announce that we now distribute Glycerine products in the UK manufactured by Spiga Nord S.p.A. based in Carasco, Italy.

The following grades will be held in stock in Great Yarmouth in drums and IBCs.

Vegetable Origin GMO-Free Refined Glycerine with the content of glycerol higher than 99,5% suitable to be used in: Food as Additive Cosmetics

Vegetable Origin GMO Free Refined Glycerine with a content of glycerol higher than 99,5% suitable to be used in: Cosmetics

Spiga Nord S.p.A. have a Glycerine dedicated semi-automatic drum and IBC filling station which is operated under laminar air flow conditions.

The Glycerine that Spiga Nord S.p.A. manufacturers is 100% derived from Vegetable origin and GMO free raw materials.

Please contact for more information and pricing.


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