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Abbey Chemicals stocks and supplies Copper Sulphate in the UK produced by Cuprichem.

Copper Sulphate Technical Grade

The major application for copper sulphate is in the agricultural industry. It can be used as fertiliser to help correct copper deficiencies in soil. In addition, it works as preventative fungicide. If mixed with slaked lime, known as Bordeaux Mixture. It is used to prevent fungus growing on fruits like grapes. Beside plants, cattle, sheep and horses can all receive foot baths containing copper sulphate to help prevent and treat fungus.

Another large application of copper sulphate is in mining industries where it is used in the flotation process mainly in lead, zinc and gold mines. In metals industry, copper sulphate can be used in copper plating.

Copper Sulphate Feed Grade

Copper sulphate is used as additive in animal feed to promote growth and correct copper deficiencies in the animals. It is used in a recipe of mineral pre-mixes that complement the proper feeding of livestock and poultry. The fine crystals and free flow characteristics by adding silicium dioxide as an anticaking agent, make it ideal to combine with other nutrients, allowing animals to achieve balanced diets.

Our feed grade copper sulphate has extremely low dioxin contents due to our dioxin removal unit. Results are ten times lower than allowed limits and every production LOT is testing by Lufa-IT / Agrolab in Germany.

Abbey Chemicals has UFAS accreditation and the Copper Sulphate Feed Grade is under scope of this certification.

Furthermore the Food Standards Agency has received the declaration made by

Abbey Chemicals to act as a GB representative for the export to GB only of:

Note: this feed additive is subject to a maximum content restriction


Produced by the following animal feed manufacturer:

Cuprichem Ltd

TR0000190-Abbey Chemicals-Cuprichem
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A21 - Abbey Chemicals - UFAS - Expires 28-02-2026
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Abbey Chemicals - 25KG Copper Sulphate Penta Feed Grade (with anti-caking) - Spec
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Abbey Chemicals - 25KG Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (No anti-caking agent) - Spec
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